Wireless Stuff

802.11b wireless, that is. I've been having a lot of fun playing around with wireless networking. I can't believe I've been at it almost a year.

Topologies of four different configurations of my network

configuration 1
configuration 2
configuration 3
configuration 4

Orinoco and Airsnort on PCI-PCMCIA and ISA-PCMCIA

I've wanted to try wireless network monitoring for a while, and I finally have some time. I only have one notebook and didn't want to tie it up or have to install Linux on it, so I decided to use an old desktop PC. Here's how I tried to get my Lucent Orinoco card working on a desktop PC under Linux, with it inserted in a PCI/PCMCIA adapter. This document is where I kept notes, links and info for my own use while I worked on the project. Maybe it will be of use to you.

The 400MHz Dell I was using simply would not work with the adapter, so I got an ISA card instead, and started over. This page is where I document working with the ISA adapter. It took a while but there is a a happy ending.

Yes, happy endings R us. I can put the card in monitor mode just fine, and run Airsnort. Here's some notes on running Airsnort.

Now that Airsnort is running well, I'm looking into Ethereal and Kismet. Some details here.

Modifying the SMC 2655W

I am setting up my SMC 2655W access point to act as a public internet access node. So far I have added Power Over Ethernet (POE) and an external omni antenna. More info here. Recently Updated (8/5/2003) There is also a page on testing the antenna.