Look what happens when gas turns bad

I've been keeping busy with the ski. First up was cleaning out the fuel system. I bought new fuel line and a used fuel selector switch (gas, reserve, off) on ebay. I also got some used gas tank hold-down straps, since the ones I had were cracked and broken. It's surprising how many people are parting out old skis. I pulled out the gas tank, which took some doing. It had a half-inch deep layer of gooey old gas in it. I rinsed out most of it with fresh fuel, then swabbed out the rest with a rag on a welding rod (thanks sea-doo.net).

The fuel pickups had come loose and were rolling around in the goo in the tank. I was able to get new ones at the local dealer, along with a new in-line oil filter.

Meanwhile my dad was replacing all the fuel lines. I set him up with a roll of fuel line and a jar of zip ties, and he went to work. When he was done all the lines from the fuel pickups to the selector switch to the engine were new.

While the gas tank was out I took the opportunity to scrub out the front half of the hull. It was dirty and oily just like everything else. When it dried I glued the rubber under-tank pads back in, replace the vent hoses, and put everything in place.

I also replaced some of the oil lines and bilge pickup lines. I'm still looking for some hose to fit the rest of the oil line.

Okay, I stalled long enough, it was time to put the engine back in. I used the chain hoist to drop it in, which made it simple. I set the engine back on its mounts, and started to slide in the jet pump driveshaft. Oops. When I pulled out the engine the mounts were all broken, and it was easy to slide the engine around. With the nice new mount the engine was firmly in place, and there was no way to get the driveshaft in. Now it made sense why the manuals always said to pull the pump when removing or installing the engine.

Pulling the pump wasn't too hard. I used the 2x4 method suggested in a number of places, and the pump just popped out. Of course, the impeller wouldn't turn freely. In fact, the closer I looked, the worse the wear ring looked. Guess I get to learn about servicing the jet pump.