It's Baaaack!

I never thought I'd be writing this. Never. But last week I got an email from Mark, the guy who originally donated the jet ski to me. Somebody named Cathy had left a message on his answering machine, saying that they had found a jet ski in some mud, and tracked Mark down as the owner, and could they have it as a summer project?

Now remember, I sold the ski in November of 2003, and this is May of 2006 (I should really put dates on these pages). So the ski has been kicking around somewhere for the last two and a half years.

It sounds like my good friend Jay never quite got around to registering the ski. What a surprise. Maybe he blew the engine and left the ski in the mud somewhere. Or maybe it was stolen from him, and the thieves abandoned it after they had their fun. I don't know, and the ski isn't talking.

So on Saturday Mark forwarded me an email from Cathy, saying that they had loaded the ski on a trailer and brought it home. Since I never titled the ski, and Jay never did, Mark is still the registered owner. So I guess he will transfer the title to them and it can be repaired and put back into service again.

Cathy included a couple photos of the ski on the trailer. It doesn't look like it's in too bad a shape. I can see that the seatcover I put on has faded from a purple to a sort of maroon. Or maybe that's the camera. The aftermarket bars are still there, although they've lost their grips. I can't see any hull damage. I'd bet big bucks against the tachometer still being present and working, though. All in all, not too bad. I'd like to check it out, and see what's involved in making it run again.