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JetSki1/firstShot.jpg Somebody gave me a jet ski. Read more about it here.

JetSki2/dcp01612.jpg The engine needs work. What a surprise.

JetSki3/daveAndWrench.jpg I had to take the old engine apart. Things went surprisingly smoothly.

Still more cleanup. It's not as much fun as bolting on shiny new parts, but it still has to be done.

Working on reassembling the pump. This job was too dirty to stop and take photos.

The ski is on the water! Lots of photos documenting this historic event.

Doing some maintenance and improvements. It's amazing all the jet ski parts you can find on eBay.

Trying out the maintenance and improvements. I like test and tune.

Fixing the steering nozzle, after my first failure on the water.

Adding a Variable Trim System

The end of the story

Unbelievable. It's back. The story continues.