Configuring WebSphere on the Development Platform and on Pocket PC

The Plan

I have decided not to use Microsoft's embedded Visual C++, and instead go with IBM's WebSphere. I recently evaluated WebSphere and it took some doing to get it properly set up on both the development machine, and on the Pocket PC. I'm not really sure I did everything correctly, and regardless, I didn't keep any notes. I'm primarily concerned about the Pocket PC, because I want my application to install easily and not require the user to install a lot of additional libraries. I'm not really sure what's required from IBM, from Sun, and from Microsoft. But follow along, and we'll figure it out. Then at the end I can write it up into a simple guide.

The Development Machine

This is the easy one. I'm using a Toshiba Satellite 1805, although I also have a 500MHz desktop available. First step is to download the software from IBM. Go to the WebSphere Device Developer page and register, then you can download the install program. There is also support for Linux GTK and Linux Motif, but I'm interested in the Windows version. The download is a self-installing file, so run it, and it will install itself. Done.

The Pocket PC

I remember this as being more difficult. I have a Dell Axim X5. It requires you to install the Java runtime and class libraries. After poking around for a while, I found the help system has a section entitled "WSDD product documentation", and below that is "Runtimes", and below that is "Pocket PC for J9". This talks about the steps for setting up the target machine.


Whoops, I'm back to square zero. My notebook screen failed for a short time, just like it did before it went out completely, so I figured the notebook was on the way out anyway (CD burner doesn't work) and I got a replacement. I also loaded the new firmware onto the Pocket PC, which required clearing all the system memory (I could keep stuff in user memory, and I cleared out everything from user memory). Now I can start and know there is no trace of Java on either machine. The first thing I did was install Web Sphere Device Developer. Since I had brought the install file over from my last notebook it was a one-click task. Installed fine. Next will be to once again get familiar enough with it to create