My Succession of Bikes

The Pawn Shop Special

My first bike was a heavy duty steel frame, with 21 speeds. Mmmm, medium. It was a $60 pawn shop special, but I have no pictures of it.

The Mongoose Pro Zero G3

Next was the first bike I put together, a medium size Mongoose Pro Zero G3. Nice bike, but too small for me.

The K2 Proflex 5000

After the Mongoose I got a K2 Proflex 5000 frame got off eBay. This is a large frame, and is the one that later inspired me to find an XL Animal frame. It is aluminum with a carbon fiber swingarm. It doesn't have a disk brake mount on the swingarm, so I had to go back to a V-brake, which actually seems to work just as well. It's significantly larger and more comfortable than the Mongoose it replaced. I had to strip the Mongoose of most of its stuff, in order to get the Proflex going. Here's the Mongoose on my homemade work stand. I put it up on eBay, so hopefully it will be gone soon. The stand works well, it's made of electrical conduit, with a larger piece of water pipe as the center stand. A C-clamp holds the bike in place. If I ever build version 2, I want to use a vise-grip to make it easier to get the bike in there.

The Animal

I finaly decided to get a bike that would fit me. I bought a K2 Animal frame (size Way Large) off what else, but eBay. Here's a pic of the frame, from the eBay ad. I have a writeup on how I put the frame together.

The GT Pantera Al

I tried on a hardtail. See the beginnings here. And the end.

The Cannondale Gemini

I briefly owned a Cannondale Gemini. Just long enough to find out how heavy it was on south Forida XC trails. Then it went right back on eBay.

The Cannondale Scalpel

I got a Cannondae Scalpel frame off eBay. It's been a long process, but it's starting to come together.