Mountain Biking Page

The Bikes

I like to wrench on bikes, and I keep changing and trying new ones. Here's a page where I list my current and previous rides.

In Action

We ride at a few local trails. The bikes go on the back of the Jeep Cherokee. Pretty convenient. And afterward there's washing and maintenance to be done.

Rob's Carbon Bike

Rob got his bike off eBay. It is a new, no-name (unless you've heard of Fastrax) carbon fiber dual suspension. Pretty nice. You can see the close-ups of his disk brakes. They are Armor brakes, which I've never heard of, or seen in the US, but I did find a complete instruction manual on an Australian site, Unlimited Bicycles. I guess they are Asian brakes, but they work really well, and they inspired me to get a set of Hayes for my bike.

I used my new phone camera to get some shots of a recent afternoon bike trip.

(03/06/04) Rob shot some video of us on the bike trail.

We went to the 2004 Alafia Fat Tire Festival on the second weekend in November. Rob felt a little tired after doing 30 miles on Saturday. Don't worry, you can see he is feeling better in the second photo.

You know, most suspension forks are made of magnesium (or a magnesium alloy), so I was wondering if broken suspension forks would burn. Yes, they do.

Our recent trip to north Georgia.